U.S. Hispanic Marketing

Reaching the Largest Growing Demographic in the United States. The U.S. Hispanic Market was projected to grow from $1.2 Trillion in 2012 to $1.5 Trillion by 2015. In addition with 50k Latinos turning 18 every month for the next 20 years, American Latinos command the majority of that buying power.

49% of Hispanics Prefer English

49% of Latinos and Hispanics prefer seeing advertisements in English. That is a $637 Billion dollar Market. - Hispanic Business

50 Thousand Hispanics Turn 18 Every Month

50,000 Hispanics turn 18 every month for the next 20 years. 2nd & 3rd generation Hispanics are the largest growing minority in the United States. - 2012 U.S. Census

Hispanics Represent 18% of U.S. Population

In 2015, the Hispanic population reached a new high of 57 million, an increase of 1.6 million from 2014, representing nearly 18 percent of the U.S. population. - Hispanic Wealth Project

Reaching the Hispanic Market

Too often, marketers think they’re reaching U.S. Hispanics by simply translating ads and websites into Spanish. The truth is, this audience is diverse and often bilingual, an eye-opening insight for Jared Fix, U.S. vice president and general manager for Mixables at Beam Suntory. “I had always assumed that ‘Hispanic marketing’ meant Spanish, but a vast majority of our Hispanic target is what we call ‘acculturated’—they speak English, perhaps Spanish at home, and they consume media in both,” he says.  -Thinkwithgoogle.com

Did You Know?

  • 25% of all U.S. Millennials are Hispanic
  • Non-Mexican Hispanics represent 1/3 of the Total U.S. Hispanic Population
  • 2.4 million U.S. Hispanic households with an annual income at or above $100K
  • The average Hispanic spends more than eight hours watching online video each month—over 90 minutes longer than the U.S. average
  • 10 million Hispanics watch mobile video for an average of more than six hours per month.
  • Hispanics are 17% more likely than non-Hispanics to access the web more through their phone than through a computer.

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